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Amanda Milley

"After an MCL injury my knee has not been the same since for over a year off and on. I had a few different braces and I found these work a lot better for myself. I have purchased 2 of these Braces and they give me enough support on my right knee."










180 No Pain Relief Refund Policy

3-5 Day US Delivery

How It Works

Relieve Knee Pain Effectively! Ideal for Meniscus, Tendon Issues, or Osteoarthritis. Natural Pain Relief Awaits!

Avoid addictive painkillers, costly doctor appointments, or surgeries with our innovative solution.  

Quick Relief from Persistent Knee Pain

without relying on pain killers

Enhances Circulation & Reduces Sweling

can be wear all day overnight wear

Supports Natural Healing 

Promotes faster recovery and overall joint health

Continuous Therapeutic Support
without the expense

Try it Risk Free | 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

US vs. Them

Discover Why We Are the #1 Open Knee Brace in the US: Compare and See the Difference!

A black knee brace on a human leg.

Dr. Brace Elite Knee Brace

Support for Bone on Bone

Improves circulation for healing

Machine Washable

FSA/HSA Eligible

Ajustable Compresion

Can be put without removing shoes or clothing


Not enough support for Bone on Bone

Cuts out circulation causing swealing

Must be wash by hand

Not eligible for FSA/HSA

Only 1 compresion setting

Needs to remove shoes to put it

Try it Risk Free | 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

500k+ CUSTOMERS Use Dr. Brace

Our customers can't stop talking about us, and here's what they have to say:

Ultimate Knee Support Solution

Stability, Comfort, and Pain Relief in Every Step

Two intertwined rings, one white and one with a carbon fiber texture.

Patella Gel Pad

Strengthen side support and stabilize joints. Disperses pressure, warms the knee, and lubricates joints. Ideal for daily use, sports, and pain relief.

Close-up of a Velcro strap in monochrome.

Lightweight and Breathable Fabric

Lightweight, breathable fabric keeps skin cool. 360-degree compression enhances stability. Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit.

Three medical professionals standing with a medical brace, promotional material for Dr. Brace.
Close-up of a textured black knee brace with 'Dr. Brace' logo.

Premium Velcro Straps

New design with smart fasteners above and below the knee. Provides extra relief and stability, ensuring the brace stays in place.

Marketing materials for 'Dr. Brace 5 Minutes to Stronger Knees' with book, smartphone, and exercise guide.

Handbook and Resistant Band (Value: 30$ FREE)

Reverse knee aging in just 5 minutes a day with our Healthy Knee Secrets. Includes bonus resistance band!

Orange 'Lifetime Guarantee' seal with a brain icon and ribbon design.

Buy It For Life With Lifetime Warranty

When you buy the best, you only need to buy it once. Dr. Brace Elite Knee Brace's patented design and premium materials allow us to guarantee it for life. It’s the last knee brace you will ever own and the only one you’ll ever want to


Black and gold seal indicating 'Money Back Guarantee 180 Days.'

180 Days Free Trial

Not sure Dr. Brace Elite Knee Brace is for you? We bet it is. But if you don’t absolutely love our Elite Knee Brace after 180 days, send it back with no questions asked. Trust us, very few people do.

Loved by thousands

Try it Risk Free | 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Meniscus Injuries

For those dealing with the discomfort of a torn meniscus, our Knee Brace provides immediate stabilization and relief. Featuring upgraded patella gel pads and robust side stabilizers, it secures the knee joint, alleviating pain and aiding in recovery. Designed for everyday wear and exercise, this brace ensures that you can perform your daily activities with ease and comfort.

Try it Risk Free | 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

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